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Statistical Sciences
Statistical Sciences 2037A/B
Emad Mohammad

Chapter 2 – Reading the News Data is a plural word for referring to a collection of numbers to which meaning has been attached. In newspapers you are rarely given the actual data. You are given a summary that already has a conclusion drawn. The 2 most common sources for researchers to present findings is at academic conferences and scholarly journals. Many news stories are based on previously published journal articles. Some are taken from government sources that are not peer reviewed. The advantage to these is that there are no space limitations that journals have. There are 7 components to a good statistical study. They are as follows: 1) Source of research and funding – 3 reasons that studies are conducted are for governments and companies to make wise policy decisions, researchers and universities are paid to ask and answer interesting questions about the world, and companies want to convince consumers that their product is the best. It is not always easy to find who funded the research. If the study was funded by an organization it is possible there was a preferred outcome. 2) Did researchers have contact with participants – participants usually try to give the “right” answer. Researchers may unconsciously bias the participant. 3) Individuals studied and how they were selected – this tells us who we can extend the study to. Studies using men
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