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Chapter Week 1

American Studies 2200E Chapter Week 1: American Studies Week 1 Readings

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American Studies
American Studies 2200E
Anna Zuschlag

American Studies 2200E Week 2 Readings H.L. Mencken, “On Being an American” - “The United States is essentially a commonwealth of third-rate men” – Pg. 54 - Third-rate men are in control of the state - The majority of immigrants before and after the Revolutionary War were not the superior men of their native lands - “It was easier for them to survive here than it was where they came from, but that ease, though it made them feel stronger, did not actually strengthen them” – Pg. 55 - “I never get tired of the show. It is worth every cent” – Pg. 60 J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur, “Letter III from an American Farmer” - America different from Europe - Anyone can become rich - Everyone is useful - A new society - No lords like Europe - Land of opportunity - Freeholders, anyone can own land - Us (puritans) vs. them - Puritans vs. natives - Puritans vs. back settlers - Back settlers were savages (Less connected to god) Key Concepts 1. Modernity/A New Man - The American is a new man in a new country 2. Egalitarianism - All people are equal in fundamental worth and that political structures should reflect and protect and foster this equality - The rich
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