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Chapter Week 8

American Studies 2200E Chapter Week 8: American Studies Week 8 Readings

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American Studies
American Studies 2200E
Anna Zuschlag

American Studies Week 8 Readings Andrew Prokop, “How Republicans Went from the Party of Lincoln to the Party of Trump, in 13 Maps,” Vox, July 20, 2016, http://www.vox.com/2016/7/20/12148750/republican-party-trump-lincoln. Introduction - Went from a party that was racially progressive for its times, to one that gets little support from nonwhite voters - Went from a Northern-only party to one that dominates in the South From Anti-Slavery Party to Pro-Business Party 1. The Republican Party Was Founded to Oppose the Slave Power - Northerners feared the “slave power” (The South) would dominate US politics, institution of slavery wherever they could - Whig party collapsed on the issue of whether Kansas and Nebraska should be slave or free - Republican party replaced it - New party opposed to expanding slavery 2. The Civil War Drives Republicans to End Slavery - Lincoln promised he would not interfere where slavery already existed - 1861 11 States seceded from the Union, Northerners would not stand for this - At first wanted to restore the Union, not free slaves - Emancipation Proclamation 1863 announced all slaves would be free th - 1865 Congress approved the 13 Amendment 3. After the War Radical Republicans Fight for Rights for Black Americans - Radicals gained increasing sway in Congress - Passed the countries first civil rights bill in 1866 (Fought for voting rights for black men) - Amended the constitution, everyone born in the US is a citizen - Right to vote cannot be denied because of race 4. Republican Party Becomes the Party of Rich Northerners - During the war, the federal government got bigger and spent more money - People got rich and owed their wealth to Republican politicians - The economic policies created a class of extremely wealthy men - Wealthy financiers and industrialists took more and more of a leading role in the Republican Party - Economic interests become more important than interests of Black Southerners 5. How Republicans Gave Up On Reforming the South - In the North whites thought they had done more than enough for black Southerners - Businessmen wanted their own interests to take the stage - Public opinion turned, did not want more violence with the South - Mid-1870’s Republicans had given up - Southern states allowed to do what they want, white conservative governments retook power Republicans Become Conservative and Southerners Become Republican 6. The Party Against Progressivism and The New Deal - When Woodrow Wilson won the presidency, the Republican Party turned against many of Roosevelt’s progressive reforms - Believed they expanded government power too much - Republicans became the party of business - Lost power during the Great Depression, FDR and Democrats took over - Expanded the size and role of government - Republicans opposed to new bigger government role 7. How Republicans Made Common Cause with Southern Democrats on Economic Matters - Democratic South not happy about the expansion of unions and federal power - Tried to block and further expansions of government or worker power - Pro-Democratic unions blocked from gaining a foothold in the South and interior West - The absence of power made those regions more promising for Republicans electoral prospects 8. Republicans Lose Black Voters - Black loyalty decreased with the depression and the New Deal - Democrat LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act 1964 - Ever since 80% of more of black voters have supported Democrats 9. The South and The House Go Republican - Democrats maintained control of the House for quite some time - In 1994 the Republicans took the House since 1955 - Have controlled the House for 18 out of the 22 years since then - Provides an important stronghold in politics The GOP Grapples with the US’s Demographic Transformation 10. The US’s Hispanic Population Swells - Electorate becoming more diverse - Democrats better at winning them over - Republicans tend to support reforming immigration laws 11. Republican Voters Turn Against Their Parties Elites - Tea Party challenged the Republican Party’s establishment - Republican voters believe their party tended to sell them out at every turn - Deep distrust of e
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