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Visual Arts History
Visual Arts History 1040
Christine Sprengler

CHAPTER TWENTY TWO Europe and America 18001870 Art Under Napoleon As Emperor of the French from 18041815 Napoleon embraced the Neoclassical style in order to associate his regime with the empire of ancient Rome Napoleon chose JacquesLouis David as First Painter of the Empire Roman temples were the models for La Madeleine in Paris which Pierre Vignon built as a temple of glory for Frances imperial armiesNapoleons favourite sculptor was Antonio Canova who carved marble Neoclassical portraits of the imperial family including Napoleons sister Pauline Borghese in the guise of Venus The beginning of a break from Neoclassicism can already be seen in the work of some of Davids students including Gros GirodetTrioson and Ingres all of whom painted some exotic subjects that reflect Romantic tasteRomanticism thThe roots of Romanticism are in the 18 century but usually the term more narrowly denotes the artistic movement that flourished from 18001840 between Neoclassicism and Realism Romantic artists gave precedence to feeling and imagination over Enlightenment reason Romantic painters explored exotic erotic and fantastic in their art in Spain Francisco Goyas Caprichos series celebrated the unleashing of imagination emotions and even nightmares In France Eugene Delacroix led the way in depicting Romantic narratives set in faraway places and distant times he set his colourful Death of Sardanapalus in ancient AssyriaRomantic painters often chose landscapes as an ideal subject to express the Romantic theme of the soul unified with the natural world masters of the transcendental landscape include Friedrich in Germany Constable and Turner in England and Cole Bierstadt and Church in the United StatesRealism thRealism developed as
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