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Visual Arts History
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Visual Arts History 1040
Christine Sprengler

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CHAPTER TWENTY FIVE Europe and America After 1945 Painting and Sculpture thThe art of the second half of the 20 century reflects cultural upheaval and the rejection of traditional values the civil rights and feminist movements and the new consumer society The first major post war avantgarde movement was abstract expressionism which championed an artworks formal elements rather than its subject gestural abstractionists such as Pollock and de Kooning sought expressiveness through energetically applied pigment chromatic abstractionists such as Rothko struck emotional chords through large areas of pure colour Postpainterly abstraction promoted a cool rationality in contrast to abstract expressionisms passion both hard edge painters such as Kelly and Stella and colour field painters such as Frankenthaler and Louis pursued purity in art by emphasizing the flatness of pigment on canvas Pop artists such as Johns Lichtenstein and Warhol turned away from abstraction to the representation of subjects grounded in popular culture like flags comic strips and movie stars Superrealists such as Flack Close and Hanson who were kindred spirits to pop artists in many ways created paintings and sculptures featuring scrupulous fidelity to optical fact The leading sculptural movement was minimalism Tony Smith and Judd created art works consisting of simple unadorned geometric shapes to underscore the objecthood of their sculptures Much of the art since the 1970s addresses pressing social issues leading feminists artists include Chicago whose Dinner Party honours important women throughout history and features crafts traditionally associated with women Sherman and Kruger who explored the male gaze in their art and Mendieta and Wilke whose bodies are their subjects Other artists explored race ethnicity class and sexual orientation Ringgold and Simpson addressed issues important to African American women Edwards civil rights themes and QuicktoSee Smith Native American heritage Wod
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