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Visual Arts History
Visual Arts History 1040
Christine Sprengler

CHAPTER TWENTY FOUR Europe and America 19001945 Europe 19001920 thDuring the early 20 century avantgarde artists searched for new definitions of art in a changed world Matisse and the Fauves used bold colours as the primary means of conveying feeling German expressionist paintings feature clashing colours disquieting figures and perspectival distortions Picasso and Georges Braque radically challenged prevailing artistic conventions with cubism in which artists dissect forms and place them in interaction with the space around them The futurists focused on motion in time and space in their effort to create paintings and sculptures that captured the dynamic quality of modern life the Dadaists celebrated the spontaneous and intuitive often incorporating found objects in their art worksAmerica 19001930 The Armory Show of 1913 introduced avantgarde European art to American artists Man Ray for example embraced Dadas fondness for chance and the displacement of ordinary objects and Stuart Davis adopted the cubist interest in fragmented form The Harlem Renaissance brought African American artists to the forefront including Aaron Douglas whose paintings drew on cubist principles Charles Demuth Georgia OKeeffe and the Precisionists used European modernist techniques to celebrate contemporary American subjects Photography emerged as an important American art form in the work of Alfred Stieglitz who emphasized the careful arrangement of forms and patterns of light and dark Edward Weston experimented with photographs of of segments of the human body that verge on abstractionEurope 19201945 WWI gave rise to the Neue Sachlichkeit movement in Germany New Objectivity artists depicted the horrors of the war and explored teh themes of death and transfiguration The surrealists investigated ways to express in art the world of dreams and the unconsc
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