Fashion (Oxford History of Art): Chapter three

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Visual Arts History
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Visual Arts History 1043A/B
Bridget Elliott

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Fashion (Oxford History of Art): Christopher Breward Chapter Three Innovating Change -anthropologists have invested much energy into examination of the significance of structure, form, pattern in non western cultures dress because more indicator of socith customthand hierarchies -innovative characteristics 19 and 20 century clothing as cultural phenomena with Avant Garde art and film -ideas about hygiene, psyche, sexuality, comfort, decoration and technology imbedded in history and material of modern dress >Gustave Jaeger – Hygiene, Taste and The Rational Body -design innovation simply by pushing accepted boundaries of body proportions / patterns / colours -dramatic layers and jewel tones -medical professional commented that corsets and heavy skirts were doing damage to the body -Worth gowns progressive style over function -veggie dyes were seen as contaminated -Jaeger more concerned with reform of men’s over women’s clothing -anti fashion inspired by contemporary life -practical items in subdued colours >Schaparelli and Vionnet – Performing The Modern Psyche -1922 knit and sportswear designer -launched first collection in 1928 -radical experiments with structure, material, function -zips, mirrors, vivid colours with costume jewelry -pose war competed with conservative Dior -significance as designer came from eclectic personal vision and understanding of the fragile fashion psyche >Vionnet
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