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Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2158A/B
Sonia Halpern

Lecture 012 Reading – Afrofemcentrism and Its Fruition in the Art of Elizabeth Catlett and Faith Ringgold (Frieda High W. Tesfagiorgis) - Black women artists of today project a state of consciousness that asserts their race, sex, and artistic ability, the 3 major entities of their existence which direct their lives and work. - Article focuses on the black woman subject as depicted by the black woman artist, exploring the distinct manner in which the latter envisions and presents black women’s realities. - The term “Afrofemcentrism” applies to an Afro-female-centred worldview and its artistic manifestations. o Gives primacy to black-female conscious-assertiveness by centralizing and enlarging intrinsic values, and as a result liberates “black feminism” from the blackenized periphery of feminism. o Affirms holistic existence while particularizing an assertive female stance. - Through art, Afrofemcentrism emerges in a plethora of ideas which thematically project black women’s realitie
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