Article by Shroff: Forget Reform- We Need a Revolution!

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Western University
Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2244
Andrea Allen

Wmn2154Farah Shroff Pg 271283Forget Reform We Need a RevolutionBetter Health for CND Wmn Through Holistic Care Past feminist motto Change by wmn for wmn Future should be Through wmn for all peoplePoint of view of an Integrated feminist fighting for better rights for Everyone not just exclusively wmn Race class disability orientation age etc Antioppression lens 273 Author addresses The challenge of reshaping the health care system to benefit all with a focus on holistic care Author proposes a revolutionary agenda for transforming CNDs health care system Individual action for wellness and structural changes that ensure more equitable resource distribution and attention to the political social and economic determinants of health 27375 of people have used holistic health care at some point Wmn are the main consumers and providers of health care 273Govt cutbacks and rising health costs affect everyone but wmn and the less fortunate have less resources to cope with changes Shift from hospitalbased to communitybased health care privatization outsourcing and amalgamation These changes put wmn at risk and affect work environment of wmn practitioners Overview of Allopathic Medical Dominance in CNDDominant form of medicine in CND Disease and cure doctors education science technology objectivity and rationality Professionalized competitive maledominated Political and legal monopoly of CND health careReduces the human to organs tissues and cells concentrating on only the physical aspects of the body
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