Lecture and Texbook notes combined: Myths, Stereotypes and Sexual Assault

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Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2270A/B
Amanda J Porter

Lecture 2 Myths Stereotypes and Sexual Assault R v T Theberge and Bienvenue InquiryTracy Thberge convicted of killing her husband 1995Second degree murder y Along with the verdict the jury proposes she should get the minimum sentence y The judge accepts the verdict but changes the sentencing and gives her life in prisonyJury said serve ten years he changed it to 14y Trial lasted five weeksy Public outcry about the behaviour of the presiding Justice BienvenueThe outcry related to some alleged comments he made y Bienvenue continued after the trial to give post trial media interviews where he gave ymore absurd commentsPublic inquiry calledCalled in December by Honourable Pul Begin Minister of Justice and Attorney General of QuebecPursuant to subsection 631of the Judges ActIt is recommended that the judge be removed from officeCanadian judicial council asked to make a decision on whether he should be removed yfrom his jobHis remarks and conduct violate paragraphs 652b and cyBienvenue resignsBefore parliament could have the vote on if he should be removed he resided y Justice Jean BienvenueIt has always been said and correctly so thatwhen women whom I have alwaysconsidered the noblest beings in creation andthe noblest of the two sexes of the humanrace it is said that when women ascent thescale of virtues they reach higher than menand I have always believed thisBut it is alsosaid and this too I believe that when theydecided to degrade themselves they sink todepths to which even the vilest man could notsinkAlas you are indeed in the image ofthese women so famous in historyTheDelilahs the Salomes Charlotte TardifMata Hari and how many others whohave been a sad part of our history andhave debased the profile of women You are one of them and you are theclearest living example of them that Ihave seen At the AuschwitzBirkenau
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