Lecture and Texbook notes combined: Equality

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Western University
Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2270A/B
Amanda J Porter

25 multiple choice yo Cover all material 5 short answer yo Mostly info since midtermo Some will ask you to take a positiono Test your reasoning ability What is equalityy o Ice cream analogy equal distribution equal response to equal needWhat if some of the kids dont like that type of ice cream What if some kids are yhungrier than others What if the parent just gave the kids the tub and said you can each have some ice ycreamFormal equal there is no obstacle that the parent put up that would prevent one of children from having ice cream No explicit discrimination by the parent But That may not be fair because that may not be sufficient equality some children may be more able to scoop out the ice cream than otherssome children may not have arms there may be a power imbalance between children May be physical or psychological barriers Substantive equality yWe have to provide the situation necessary to provide the right outcomey o Freedom from external obstacle o Equal accessibilityThe equality provision s 15y o Suggests a requirement of substantive equalityo Second part
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