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Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2283F/G
Andrea Allen

IS THE GAZE MALE – KAPLAN  First wave of feminist critics adopted broadly sociological approach, looking at sex roles women occupied in various imaginative works – they assessed roles as positive or negative, according to some externally constructed criteria describing the fully autonomous independent woman  Do not see psychoanalysis as necessarily uncovering essential truths about the human psyche which exists across historical periods and different cultures  The psychic patterns created by capitalist social and interpersonal structures required at once a machine for their unconscious release and an analytic tool for understanding and adjusting, disturbances caused by the structures that confine people  Extremely important for women to use psychoanalysis as a tool, unlocks the secrets of our socialization within capitalist patriarchy  Signs in the Hollywood film convey the patriarchal ideology that underlies our social structures and that constructs women in very specific ways – ways that reflect patriarchal needs  Women and female issues are only central in the family melodrama in film  The structure of ego and superego and id suggests the subjacent Manichaeism of melodramatic persons  The simple fact of recognition has aesthetic importance  Her sexual pleasure in this position can thus be constructed only around her own objectification, given the male structuring around sadism, the girl may adopt a corresponding masochism  There is pleasure in anonymity, or in a strange man approaching her when she is with her husband –nearly all said fantasies have the dominance submission pattern, with the moan in the latter place  We need to analyze how it is that certain things turn us on, how sexuality has been constructed in patriarchy to produce pleasure in the dominance submission forms, before we advocate these modes  Dominance-submission patterns are apparently a crucial part of both male and female sexuality as constructed in western civilization  Men have a far wider range of positions available more readily both dominant and submissive  Men’s desire naturally carries pow
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