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Writ2111G Brookhaven Negative Letter Sample

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Writing 2111F/G
Oksana Hlyva

December 19 1996Local Residents Long Island NYDear Long Island ResidentsSubject The Status of the High Flux Beam ReactorAfter a great deal of thought and analysis during its routine maintenance check we have deemed the High Flux Beam Reactor HFBR an essential asset to the Brookhaven National Laboratory BNCThe reactors steady stream of neutrons has provided researchers around the world with the probes to make important scientific and medical discoveriesThe temporarily closed HFBR unit is projected to resume progress upon completion of the maintenance checkstTo ensure a clear vision of the reactor upon entry to the 21 century we have decided to invest in two environmental protecting upgradesFirst a second liner will be added onto the storage pool underneath the reactorThis will ensure no spreading plume of water to the Peconic River or Long Islands wellwatersSecond additional environmental and safety inspectors from the Dep
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