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Writ2111G Starstar Communications Network Sample

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Writing 2111F/G
Oksana Hlyva

30Nov00NMSTATSTARCOM EMail to RMEDLEYSTATSTARSETEFRDate 09300000 To Bob Medley From NAM Re Misconceptions with Excel Tire Corp and Suggestions AttachmentLetter to Beechum After reviewing your file and electronic mail folder on the Excel Tire contract I have concluded that a miscommunication must have occurred while handing off responsibilities to the Technical Services department It seems that J Lumbar was under the impression that his duties were to provide Excel with technical info and an eye to potential technical capability while legalities and signal splitting were going to be taken care of by another department The letter to Excel from technical services did not directly respond to either of Janet Beechums J Beechum inquiries rather it presented Statstars current research breakthroughs and future potential as a service provider As J Beechum was not informed that these recent findings are not yet services offered by our company she must have assumed they were part of the contract As for her questions on signal splitting and the sharing of satellite space she most likely assumed they were of no
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