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Writ2111G Case1 TeknoSport Sample

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Writing 2111F/G
Oksana Hlyva

To Harri Karvinen From NA M Regional Manager of Sales Date February 5 2008 Subject Why TeknoSport should keep the Sales Training Program To be competitive in the future TeknoSport must continue to introduce innovative technological developments for new product packages as well as further improvements in our communications systemIt is essential that we cut back on some current expenses to focus more money in communications and technologyHowever it is imperative that we continue to fund programs that cater to the life of our business the customersConsidering the decrease in turnover resulting in seasoned sales personnel it is fair to assess the relevance of the STP to employees Since 1986 new hires of Teknosport have been required to complete a rigorous fiveday training program the Sales Training Program STPThe STP was designed to teach new sales personnel how to sell equipment establish and maintain customer contacts use the firms communication system and fit in with the company cultureIn 1992 some of the sessions were redesigned to cater to both new hires and longtime sales personnelOn a voluntary basis longtime staff could attend lectures devoted to new products package design and communicationsSince the program was opened up to veteran employees in 1992 seminarsize classes have been fully enrolled with accumulating waiting listsBy eliminating the STP TeknoSport will lose
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