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Writ2111G Cover Letter Sample

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Western University
Writing 2111F/G
Oksana Hlyva

141 B Elgin Hall The University of WesternLondon ON N6A 5B9January 29 2008Human Resources Department National Research Council of Canada 1200 Montreal Rd Bldg M55 Ottawa ON K1A 0R6January 29 2008 Dear Sir or MadamI seek to apply for the Student Employment Program offered at the National Research Council of Canada My University of Western Ontario chemistry professor Dr Felix Lee suggested this opportunity to meI am a Canadian citizen currently working towards a double major in Honours Medical Sciences and Honours Business Administration at the University of Western OntarioBy this summer I shall have completed the first two years of the medical sciences curriculum Next year I will be enrolled at the Richard Ivey School of Business and once I have completed those two years and obtained the Honours Business degree I shall finish the fifth and final year of the Honours Medical Science degreeIt is my intention to complete the Medical College Admission Test MCAT in September 2008 I have been exposed to various methods of analysis and have learned to communicate in an effective manner the results of scientific research while enrolled in the medical science programIn my biology and chemistry labs I have improved my skill
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