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Writ2111G Job Application Sample

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Writing 2111F/G
Oksana Hlyva

January 29 2008To Oksana HylvaFromNAMSubject Job Application AssignmentAs requested I have prepared a transmittal summarizing the documents enclosed along with reasons for choosing the particular writing formatsNRC Student Employment ProgramThe NRC provides a wide variety of employment opportunities for high school students up to post graduatesPostsecondary students have the chance to gain hands on work related experience in research and development communications and life sciencesIf accepted into the program students will work in teams alongside topnotch researchers and study a scientific phenomenon from May to AugustStrong work ethic teamwork and creativity are assets of employeesThe environment is competitive and focused The ultimate goal is to increase knowledgeAt the end of the four month period students are expected to present their findings in a scientific poster accompanied by an oral presentationThe National Research Council NRCThe NRC has been the Government of Canadas premier organization for research and development for over 90 years Located in every province in Canada the NRC is composed of over 20 institutes and national
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