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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Communicating in a Changing Business World

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Writing 2111F/G
Brock Eayrs

S\`W^ŵÊ[ aZ US` ZY ZSSZY ZYa_ ZW__[^V O [ aZ US` [Z`W[^S``W \`_`[W\S ZcS`S\\WZ_cWZcWU[ aZ US`W O W SZ` U\^ ZU \W_[XXW^\^SU` USYa VW ZW_X[^ZWY[` S` ZYTS^^ W^_SZV \^[b ZY U[ aZ US` [Z ŵ W^UW\` [Z Zb[bW_`W\W^UW bW^S_cWS_`W\W^UW bWV S W[\W`WZV`[S``^ Ta`W`W ^XWW ZY_[Z`[[`W^_ Ŷ T_W^bS` [Z_ ZXW^WZUW_SZV aVY WZ`_S^WZ[``W_S W S " aVY WZ`#[^"[\ Z [Z# _S_`S`W WZ``S`USZZWbW^TWbW^ X WV$VWU _ [Z_ a_`TWTS_WV[Z ZXW^WZUW_ ŷ [`c[` ZY_S^WWSU`S 'W S `W^W[`\ ZY _S^W_a`ÊUS__ X ZY_ S^\W[\W[^WbWZ`_ Z`[_ ZYW US`WY[^S`[aYS^YWV XXW^WZUW_W _` Ÿ ZY_USZYW_ YZ X USZ`c `` W S [_W`S`V[Z[`^WU[YZ *W`S`\^ UW__ `aS` [Z_SZV\W[\WUSZYWS^W S' ZY"X^[*WZWbSaS` [Z# Ź [_`W`W^[^US__ X US` [Z_S^WZ[`WY ` S`W S [S^S`[ZÊX[^U ZY^WSVW^ Z`[\[_ ` [ZTS^Ya ZY`S``W^WS^W[Z`c[ U[ UW_[ZW[Xc UTW ZYUWS^aZSUUW\`STW ź _`S`W WZ` _ZWbW^`Wc[W_`[^ S WU[YZ * ZY`S`^W\[^`_YW`X `W^WVSZV[ZW SZ[`TWYW`` ZY`WXa_`[^`[ S'W`W ^[cZcW/ ZX[^ WVVWU _ [Z Ż [^V_S^WZ[` VWZ` US`[`W[T WU`_`W^W\^W_WZ` S W^`S Zc[^V_US^^S\S^` UaS^STW 2S"_[cV[cZ#V[W_Z3`_WW S_TSVS_S"^WUW__ [Z#[^"VW\^W__ [Z# 4 [ aZ US` [Z_ T[_ a_`_`SZVX[^W__WZ` S`W_S W` ZY Z`W ZV_[X`W _WZVW^SZV`W^WUW bW^ S \S__ZYÊ[UUa^_cWZ`c[\W[\Wa_W_S W_ T[`[ WSZV XXW^WZ`` ZY_ ŵŶ`^WZV_ ZTa_ ZW__U[ aZ US` [Z O [Ua_[Z]aS `SZVUa_`[ W^_3ZWWV_ O SUW_c ` [^W_S` _X WVUa_`[ W^_S^W [^W\^[X `STW O  VWS`S`aZS\\Ua_`[ W^_ Z ZVa_`^ S *WVU[aZ`^ W_c[aV`WŵŹ\W[\WTa` c `[ZW'W_`^['WUa_`[ W^_U[aV`WŵŹŴŵŹŴŴ[^ŵŹŴŴŴ\W[\W O Z`^W\^WZWa^_ \SZV[a`_[a^U ZY O  Z`^S\^WZWa^_Ê ZZ[bS`[^_c[c[^'c ` Z[^YSZ *S` [Z_7W28[[YW9 O a`_[a^UZYÊY[ ZY[a`_ VW`WU[ \SZX[^\^[VaU`_SZV_W^b UW_`S`[ZUWcW^W \^[b VWVTU[ \SZ3_W \[WW_ O WS _ O ^WS`W_"XS XWW#S [ZYW \[WW_W_\WU S ZS^YWZa TW^_ O a`_\^W a [ZWS^Z ZY`[ VWZ` XSZV_[bW\^[TW _`[_S^WWSVW^_ \`SZ `[
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