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Wilfrid Laurier University
Magdalena Kazubowski- Houston

Anthropology: Chapter 1- The Anthropological Perspective on the Human Condition Anthropology is considered to have four main specialties 1. Biological anthology 2. Archaeology 3. Linguistic anthropology 4. cultural anthropology Richard Potts- The foundation of culture contains five elements 1. Transmission- copying behaviour by observation or instruction 2. Memory- because traditions cannot develop unless the new behaviour is remembered 3. Reiteration- the ability to reproduce or imitate behaviour or information that has been learned 4. Innovation- the ability to invent new behaviour 5. Selection- the ability to select which innovations to keep and which to discard Potts adds three elements that evolved later and made human culture possible; 6. Symbolic coding or symbolic representation- something we share with other species in particular, the great apes 7. Complex symbolic representation- the ability to communicate freely about the past the future and the invisible 8. Institutional development- the creation of complex and variable forms of social organization  Culture and the human brain coevolved each furnishing key features of the environment to which the other needed to adap
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