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Chapter 8

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ANTHRO – Chapter 8 Emile Durkheim – French sociologist  Raised a religious jew, but took a step back and looked at religion in terms of how it operated - He pioneered technique of trying to be analytical of religion without being biased and showcasing one’s own religion - What we often say in religion is god creates us, humans are the way we are because of god, Durkheim opposed this, we humans create god in our own image - It has more to do with us and the things we value - The social parameters at work mirror and parallel our spiritual beliefs - Sacred and profane - Ordinary and mundane - Life is full of ordinary activities, looking after kids  profane - Sacred  things we think are spiritually important - Every society has profane but sets aside for sacred - Keen on connection between society and ideology Karl Marx - Basically the one who invented communism - Marx’s theory questioned social order - Advocated that workers should
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