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Chapter 1

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Anne- Marie Colpron

The Anthropological Perspective on the Human ConditionTeaching InstructorsAssistantsDevon coot9180mylauriercaJacob bold0990mylaurierca Any question about the content post it in the discussions section under the anthropology heading of MyLSOffice moved to Woods 4103C stThe 1 exam is on the chapters from week one to five plus the first three chapters if Pierre Clastres bookIn my learning space there is already readings for each week at the end of each week the PowerPoint presentation of the basic points that are viewed in class are posted on my learning spaceThe Greek etymology Anthropohuman being logyscienceDespite anthropology being born in the nineteenth century we still use Greek etymology Anthropology is very wide and broad as a study as it encompasses all aspects of human nature and existenceAnthro is not a Western focused study we study humanity in its diversity to examine all the diversity of human life and characteristics around the worldAnthropology studies what it means to be human in two waysDiachronically over timeSynchronically Across space same time but different placesThe four subfields of anthropology areArcheology Study the human past through the analysis of material remains work in the ruins to visualizereconstruct the civilizationcommunity to provide a better knowledge of the way of life of this old society
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