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Anne- Marie Colpron

Chapter4Language10312011LanguageThe system of arbitrary vocal symbols or their equivalent we use to encode our experience of the world Vocal symbolsThe articulated sounds of speech can be transferred into visual speech symbolism written words reading lips sign language smoke signals etc Language is so ingrained in our everyday life and seems so natural that we do not question itWe forget it is learned and culturally acquiredParadox of LanguageLanguage universalityEvery population in the world has languageLanguage variationDifferent populations have elaborated different languages Language is specific to humansAnimals have a type of communication instinctive cries but not a language as a symbolic system of communication learned in society Involuntary soundsCan sounds made under the stress of an emotion like a scream of surprise or fear be considered as languageNOThis kind of reaction is instinctive and not symbolicLanguage is a symbolic intentional way of communicating InterjectionsAre interjections Ah Oh Part of LanguageYesInterjections have a conventional useWe culturally learn how to use themThey vary in different languages from society to society Onomatopoeia The formation of a word from a sound associated with what is namedFor ex animal criesAre onomatopoeia part of languageYESThese sounds do not come naturally out of natureThey are cultural constructions that is why we find cultural variationAnimal Cries English French SpanishBird cheep cheepcui cuipo poDogwoof woof ouah ouah guauRooster cockadoodledoococorico kikiriki
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