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AR103 - Readings pgs. 294-301 Week 12 Notes - Dec. 1, 2011 Chapter Eleven: The Origin & Dispersal of Modern Humans Pages # 294 - 301 Technology and Art in the Upper Paleolithic Europe - Beginning of the Upper Paleolithic, 40,000 ya - Upper Paleolithic divided into 5 stone tool categories: - Chatelperronian - Aurignacian - Gravettian - Solutrean - Magdelenian: pertaining to the final phase of the Upper Paleolithic stone tool industry in Europe - Major environmental shifts were apparent during this period - A warming trend leading to partially melted glacial ice resulting in Eurasia covered by tundra and steppe, a vast area of treeless country dotted with lakes and marshes. - In many northern areas permafrost prevented growth of trees but permitted growth of flowers and mosses and other small vegetation in the short summers - This vegetation served as a pasture for herbivores which led to the pasture for carnivores as well - During this period, either western Europe or perhaps portions of Africa achieved the highest population density in human history up to that time. - Humans & other animals in most of Eurasia had to cope with shifts in climate conditions, some of them quite rapid - WURM - Eurasia maximum glacial period - As a variety of organism
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