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Shohini Ghose

Chapter 5254 52 Atoms and Subatomic ParticlesLight from hot toaster coils and light from the sun and other stars are all produced by moving electronsAn atom has a massive compact nucleus containing positively charged protons usually accompanied by electrically neutral neutrons The nucleus is embedded in a large cloud of relatively lowmass negatively charged electrons These particles can also exist and move about unattached to an atom Charged particles both protons and electrons are surrounded by electric fields that they produceWhenever you change the motion of a charged particle the change in its electric field spreads outward at the speed of light as electromagnetic radiationProtons can also make electromagnetic radiation but because electrons are less massive usually it is electrons that do most of the moving around Temperature Heat and Blackbody Radiation You can refer to this agitation as thermal energyWhen you touch a hot object you feel heat as that thermal energy flows into your fingers Temperature is simply a number related to the average speed of the particles the intensity of the particle motion Astronomers and physicists express temperatures of the sun and other objects on the Kelvin Temperature ScaleZero degrees Kelvin Written 0 K is Absolute Zero 4597 F the temperature at which an object contains no thermal energy that can be extractedWater freezes at 273 K and boils at 373 K Related directly to the motion of the particles in an object The hotter an object is the more motion there is among its particles The radiation emitted by an opaque object is called blackbody radiation a name translated from a German term that refers to the way a perfectly opaque emitter and absorber of radiation would behave
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