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Chapter 1&2

AS101 Chapter 1 & 2 Notes

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Arthur Read

AS101 Textbook NotesCHAPTER 1The Scale of the Cosmos Space and TimeField of View The area visible in an image Usually given as the diameter of the regionScientific Notation The system of recording very large or very small numbers by using powers of 10 11 From Solar System to Galaxy to UniverseCERNhome of the Large Hadron Collider The largest particle accelerator in operation today which was designed to simulate the beginning of the universeAstronomical Unit AU Average distance from Earth to the Sun 15 x 108 kilometresSolar System The sun and its planets asteroids comets and so onPlanet A nonluminous body in orbit around a star large enough to be spherical and to have cleared its orbital zone of other objectsStar A globe of gas held together by its own gravity and supported by the internal pressure of its hot gases which generate energy by nuclear fusionLightYear ly Unit of distance equal to the distance light travels in one year Roughly 1013 kim or 63000 AUGalaxy Great cloud of stars gas and dust bound together by the combined gravity of all the matterMilky Way The hazy band of light that circles our sky produced by the glow of our galaxyMilky Way Galaxy The spiral galaxy containing our Sun visible in the night sky as the Milky WaySpiral Arms Long spiral pattern of bright stars star clusters gas and dust Spiral arms extend from the centre to the edge of the disk of spiral galaxiesSuperclusters A cluster of galaxy clustersAndrew Mckellar First person to discover the temperature of interstellar space Measured the temperature of the cosmic microwave background12 The Cosmic Calendar Concepts of TimeHas been about 137 billion years since the big bang the instant the universe commenced and perhaps the beginning of time itself
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