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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Membranes and Transport.docx

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Matthew Smith

Chapter 5 Membranes and TransportWhy it mattersMutation in CFTR gene encodes chloride pump cause cystic fibrosis Overview of the Structure of MembranesThe importance of selectively permeable membranes The fluid mosaic model of membranesExperimental evidence in support of the fluid mosaic The importance of selectively permeable membranes Cells and organelle need barrier to separate internal and external conditions Barrier must have following qualitieso Impermeable to most molecules and ions o Ability to exchange moleculesions between compartments allows waste to leave the cell and food to enter the cello Insoluble in water o Permeable to waterThe functions of membranesWhat is a cell membraneA permeability barrier that consists of o Phospholipids glycolipids and membrane proteins o Sterols except in bacteriaCholesterol animalsErgosterols fungiPhytosterols plants Membrane proteins includeo Integral proteins usually transmembrane o Peripheral membrane proteinsFluid Mosaic model of the Cell Membrane Membrane is fluid not rigidProteins can diffuse through the membrane not fixed in one particular place Fluid Mosaic Model is Supported by Experimental Evidence Membranes are Fluid
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