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Chapter 20

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Tristan Long

02162012Key TermsVestigial StructureLaments Terms The useless body parts we observe today they must have functioned in ancestral organisms Scientific definition An anatomical feature ofliving organisms that no longer retain their structureArtificial selectionan analogous process to Natural SelectionA selective breeding of animals or plants to ensure that certain desirable traits appear at higher frequency in successive generationsNatural SelectionThe evolutionary process by which alleles that increase the likelihood of survival and the reproductive output of the individuals that carry them become more common in subsequent generations VicarianceThe fragmentation of continuous geographic distribution by nonbiological factorsEndemic SpeciesA species that occurs in only one place on EarthAdaptive RadiationA cluster of closely related species that are adaptively specialized to specific habitat or food sourceAllometric GrowthA pattern of postembryonic development in which parts of the same organism grow at different rates the example of genitals can be used in this sense PedomorphosisA common form of heterochrony changes in the relative rate of development of morphological characters in which juvenile characteristics are retained in a reproductive adultEvodevo Evolutionary Developmental BiologyAsks how evolutionary changes in genes regulating embryonic development can lead to changes in body shape and formDispersalThe movement of an organism away from its place of origin BiotasAll organisms living in a region
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