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Chapter 41

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Tristan Long

LearningObjectivesChapter4104222012Define macronutrient Essential in large quantities Nine of the essential elements are macronutrientsmicronutrient Essential mineral elements required in small quantitiesessential elementsnitrification411Describe how hydroponics can be used to test hypotheses related whether or not a nutrient qualifies as one of a plants essential elementsThere is NO NEED to remember the all 17 essential elements or the specific 9 macronutrients etc their functions nor their deficiency symptomsHydroponics was an experimental method for identifying minerals absorbed into plant tissues that were essential for growth invented by Julius von SachsSachs placed a plants in a solution containing specific minerals and mixed them in different combination with pure waterHe then grew one plant in the same solution lacking one specific element that was present in the previous solution and performed this over and over by eliminating a new mineral everytimeExplain why Carbon Hydrogen and Oxygen are not considered mineralsCarbon hyrdrogen and oxygen are not considered minerals because plants obtain them from the air and not from the soil via rootsExplain how differences in quantities of essential elements influence which plants can grow under which conditionsThe differences in quantities of essential elements influence which plants grow under which conditions by causing the growthdevelopment of abnormalities412Describe the differences in soil types eg Fig 416Surface Fallen leaves and other organic material littering the surface of the mineral soilA horizon Has the most biological activity and usually most fertile most rootsB Horizon Subsoil Accumulation of mineral ions the roots of trees grow hereC Horizon Parent material no organic material partially weathered fragments and grains of rock
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