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Business Technology Management
Kris Gerhardt

MB 109 CHAPTER 2 EXAM EDITION Communication and identity What is the ‘Self’ A process that continually changes Continually re-born during our lives Arises out of communication – starts at birth We internalize ideas from interactions with others Internal dialogue • Also media, casual encounters Self-fulfilling prophecy Acting in ways that bring about our expectations of ourselves • Expect to fail…act in a way to fail…..fulfil expectation (and fail) Robertson and Jacobsen (1992) • Pygmalion in the classroom Prophecies that we act to fulfil start with others Inaccurate in self-beliefs (many times) • Some labels no longer valid; some never were • Continue to be influenced Communication influences on ‘Self’ Family members are critical influences Other influences • Peers • Society • Media • Casual encounters Varying levels on influence at any given time Development of Self-Concept Reflected appraisal • Development of self…how we BELIEVE others see us Communication does not need to be intentional to influence our self-concept development Significant others • People whose opinions we truly value Personal abilities • Not just other people…you have a hand in your own development Social comparison We compare ourselves in all aspects to other people Your judgments will depend on who you compare yourself to Before you compare yourself….level the playing field, make it fair. Ex. Not fair for me to compare myself to MJ or Ty Lawson at this point in time….but it will be eventually Real world applications • Anorexia and bulimia • Dissatisfaction of employers Social comparison – same/different In North America, we value individuality • But not so much that everyone notices Usual way in which we gather feedback • Can be anyone NOT just immediate family or peers Our reference groups You have a lot of personal influence Can’t use this aspect as an excuse Characteristics of Self-Concept Subjective….very subjective • Might be accurate or inaccurate depending on the circumstances Famous university communication study Job evaluation • How do we actually evaluate how someone else is performing • Student evaluations and the lack of timely negative feedback Influences on identity Diversity • Self-concept is affected by diversity of people around you • Language has large impact Culture • Individualistic vs. collectivist • Changing culture will have a large impact Sex/gender • Differences are both exaggerated and underestimated Changing of Self-concept Since it is ever changing……it is malleable Easier before 30 years of age Be realistic Have realistic expectations Only you can modify how you see you • Skill set is necessary to help change Identity management (IM) One of the overarching concepts for the course Write down your chosen future occupation IM are communication strategies we use to influence how others see us Private self • Who you believe yourself to be Public self (or presenting self) • Image that you present to others • May have several ways of consciously port
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