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Kris Gerhardt

MB 109 CHAPTER 9: IMPROVING COMMUNICATION CLIMATES Confirming, disagreeing, and disconfirming messages and patterns in important relationships and their consequences Confirming messages convey value and come in the form of recognition, acknowledgement, and endorsements Disconfirming messages convey a lack of value and come in the form of interruptions or responses that are impervious, irrelevant, tangential, impersonal, ambiguous, or incongruous Disagreeing messages that say the other is wrong are conveyed through aggressiveness, complaining, and argumentativeness Communication climate – the emotional tone of a relationship between two or more individuals – the way people feel about each other Confirming communication – a message that expresses caring or respect for another person/messages that convey value and contribute to supportive communication climates Disconfirming communication – a message that expresses a lack of caring or respect for another person/describes behaviors that show a lack of regard and make listeners feel defensive Disagreeing communication – messages that say, “You’re wrong” in one way or another. Lies between disconfirming and confirming messages How communication climates develop through positive or negative reciprocal communication patterns Communication climates develop reciprocating communication patterns that reinforce the other’s messages (spirals) Escalatory conflict spirals build on one another to create negative climates while positive spirals lead to positive communication climates De-escalatory spirals can also be destructive in that parties slowly lessen their dependence on one another, in that parties slowly lessen their dependence
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