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Business Technology Management
Kris Gerhardt

MB 109 CHAPTER 7 EXAM EDITION Listening Actual listening is active. There is a big difference between hearing and listening Stressing certain letters or words in a sentence, changes the message and people have to listen carefully for it Research indicates a need for training in this area Sometimes we don’t listen to messages because we think that it won’t have an impact on us/ it’s useless Most of the time, failing to listen has consequences. Can be big or small The importance of listening Research indicates a need for training in this area Brownell (2002) – listening serves one of the most important information gathering functions Most of us are worse listeners than we think. Mostly because we have no formal training Rated as the most important workplace skill • 30% for hourly employees • 60% for managers • 75% for executives New technology and changes in business • Who; how when we listen Make sure you select the correct part of the information you are hearing Listening errors significantly influence productivity Anyone who is in a position to conduct interviews • Medical doctors – 200 000 interviews (Lipkin, 1996) • Teachers 175 000 Improvement in listening skills • Positively correlated with increase in relational standing The listening process Much more than just letting in auditory information • A very thoughtful process Listening is the hardest of the easy tasks • Is a LEARNED communication skill • Hard time describing an effective listener A 2-way street • Part of listening is indicating that you are indeed listening and actively engaged • Make sure the other person knows you are listening Receiving When we receive, we hear and attend • Verbal and nonverbal components Selectively process and screen out non-relevant info The problem is, we decided what is not relevant, before we hear/listen to it To appropriately receive •
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