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Chapter 2

BU111 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Sustainable Development Goals, Subscription Box, Netflix

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Jim Mc Cutcheon

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Business Models
From Idea to Business
What is a Business Model?
A model and describes of how the business works (creating value, adding value and
A usiess odel desries the ratioale of ho a organization creates, delivers, and
captures value Aleader Osteralder – Busiess Model Geeratio
How a company intends to make money / the logic by which it sustains itself
reflets the strategi deisios ad trade-offs that entrepreneurs make
to ear a profit
How your idea actually becomes a business
A produt is the etre of a usiess odel, ut it is ot a usiess i ad of itself it a’t
sueed ithout a great usiess odel.
The Drago’s De Guide to Real-World Business Models
Different companies can have similar offerings but different business models
Impact of Business Model
Model affects strategy/ways of operating
Blueprint describing how an organization operates
Why does it matter?
Business models are at heart stories – stories that explai ho eterprises ork
Why Business Models Matter HBR May 2002
All the elements of a good story
Precisely delineated characters
Plausible motivations
Plot that twists
A successful business model represents a better way than the existing
Whe usiess odels dot ork – fail narrative test or numbers test
Text page 18-19 Why Business Models Fail
Narrative - flawed logic, limited strategic choices, and incorrect
assumptions about the value chain
Numbers imperfect value creation and capture assumptions
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