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BU111 Individual Case - Get There Software

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Sofy Carayannopoulos

Independent Case Study:    Get  There Software  BU111 Lab 09 – Christina Buffone Aysha Harun  MEMO TO: Ariadne Beckman FROM: Aysha Harun DATE: February 2013 SUBJECT: The Best Hardware Option for Get There Software RECOMMENDATION: Develop an Application forApple Users You have identified and came up with a great solution to a key problem in today’s society, however implementing the software into a service people can use seems to be a difficult task. The immediate problem is figuring out what form of hardware must be chosen in order to run the software while also ensuring that it is easily portable and convenient for consumers. The underlying problem is identifying a solution that will be financially feasible given the limited resources. My recommendation is to create hardware in the form of an Apple application. Creating an application would be much more feasible given the financial resources, and would also ensure that you are collecting revenue because, as mentioned, many developers prefer creating apps for the Apple platform. By doing this you can ensure that the software you have developed is implemented in the most strategically viable way possible. DECISION CRITERIA& ALTERNATIVES: In order to ensure my recommendation is the most efficient, I have listed crucial decision criteria elements that have been assessed while coming up with a solid recommendation: • Must be financially feasible • Must attract customers to increase revenue and profit • Software must be easily portable 2 • Developers prefer creatingApple applications Alternatives Listed below are alternatives for the implementation of the software: • Run software on a small laptop or tablet • Run software throughAndroid phones • GPS hardware with car mount ANALYSIS: Applications are More Financially Feasible Utilizing the software in the form of an application for smartphones is the most efficient way of ensuring that production costs are kept low. As mentioned in the case, there are limited financial resources you can utilize, which means you must be selective about which type of hardware is chosen. By developing the software into an application you can provide more utilities for the user with the least amount of physical resources – which tend to be more expensive. This concept is referred to as bootstrapping, that is, doing more with less. Although a GPS hardware device may seem like a good alternative for your software, the cost of production for a single unit is not financially feasible. Therefore you will not achieve financial performance, which is why an application is ideal. AnAppleApplication WillAttract the Most Consumers A key advantage for implementing your software into an Apple application is that there is a great opportunity for you to ensure your software is being made accessible to a large installed base, which in-turn, will increase your revenue.As mentioned,Android users are more resistant to paying for applications than any other type of subscriber, therefore 3 developing the software into an Android application would be a great risk because there is a higher chance that they will not be interested in paying for it. The only other viable option would be to develop the software into an Apple application, being as it is the second most relevant mobile platform out there (Exhibit 1). AppleApplication Allows for Convenience and Portability An Apple application is easily accessible though an iPhone, therefore consumers will be able to save the time and effort it takes to purchase a particular unit at a store because they can simply download the app at any given time or place. This strategy is in alignment with the environment because people are always looking for more convenient and efficient ways of accessing technology and improving their everyday lives. As shown in Exhibit 2, smartphones have seen a dramatic rise in popularity since 2008 therefore there is no doubt that marketing the software through a smartphone is a viable strategy. Although you have mentioned it may be more difficult for certain users to appreciate the map due to the small size of the smartphone – as opposed to a laptop or tablet – it is much more convenient to transport and use a smartphone in a car. Therefore, this is a risk that must be taken in order to maximize profits and increase the chance of success. MoreApplication Developers for iOS As shown in Exhibit 3, there are many more application developers available for iOS rather than forAndroid. This means that there will be a much greater chance of finding an application developer willing to develop your software into an app. Since there are many application developers available you will have higher bargaining power in the cost of developing your software because there are many other substitute developers to hire if one developers price does not match up with your budget. Although Exhibit 1 shows that 4 Android currently has more market share in comparison to Apple, as you have mentioned, it will be challenging to create an application that would be compatible with all Android phones as t
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