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BU208 Module 2

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Laura Van Dyke

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BU208Interpersonal CommunicationModule TwoAdapting Your Messages to Your AudienceWhat is Audience AnalysisFundamental to the success of any messageThe success of any message is to capture and hold an audiences attentionTo motivate readers and listeners you must shape your message to meet the audiences interests and needsWho is My AudienceYour audience may include many people1Initial Audience receives the message first and routes it to other audiences Sometimes they tell you to write iteg supervisor or client2Primary Audience will decide whether or not to act on your messageeg supervisor client or peers3Secondary Audience may be asked to comment on your message or to implement your ideas after theyve been approved May use them in future for evidenceeg lawyers and researchers4Gatekeeper has the power to stop your message before it gets to primary audience The supervisor or executive assistant who decides whether or not you can speak to the boss is a gatekeepereg Usually exist outside of the organization regulatory boards and gatekeepers5Watchdog Audience have political social and economic power They pay close attention to the communication between you and the primary audience and may base future actions on its evaluation of your messageeg the media board of directors members of program advisory committees Why is Audience so ImportantSuccessful communicators analyze identify and meet the audiences needsAlways consider the question Whats in it for themWhen people know whats in it for them theyre more likely to pay attention and favourably respond to your messageAudience and the Communication ProcessThe communication process involves an exchange of meaningMost complex process of human activities and audience is central to this processAudiences interpret our communication symbols unceasingly our words tone volume rate of speech height weight hair colour clothing style cell phone and social media use
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