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Chapter 32

BU231 Chapter Notes - Chapter 32: Personal Information Protection And Electronic Documents Act, Online Gambling, Identity Theft

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Valerie Irie

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BU231 Chapter 32 Electronic Commerce
What is E-Commerce?
-Electronic commerce/e-commerce the use of computer networks to facilitate commercial activities,
including the production, distribution, sale, and delivery of goods and services
-Internet the interconnected logical networks that link computers worldwide
-Intranet closed systems linking specific users internal to a company or group; commonly used for data
The Impact of E-Commerce on Business
-E-commerce has brought fundamental change to the business world in three key areas:
-existing business practices
-new industries
-the business environment
Existing Business Practices
-Traditional businesses are adapting all facets of their operations to the online model
-Electronic retailing/E-retailing the supply of tangible or electronic goods or services over the Internet.
Supply of tangible goods involves a conventional mode of delivery; electronic goods are downloaded
directly to the customer’s computer
-Electronic transfer of funds payment made through electronic media such as telephone or Internet
rather than by cash or cheque. Payment may take the form of credit card charges, debit or bank
accounts, or even e-cash. Often customers can access these forms of payment on the business’s website
Establishing a Website
-Negotiate a website development agreement
-Negotiate a website-hosting agreement
-Negotiate an Internet access agreement with the Internet Service Provider (ISP)
-Register a domain name and protect the intellectual property associated with the website
New Industries
-E-cash an online payment system that enables the anonymous transfer of money over the Internet
-Payment card networks an electronic payment system used to accept, transmit, or process
transactions made by payment card to transfer funds or information among issuer, user, and merchants
-E-wallets are systems such as PayPal
-Smart cards use an embedded integrated circuit chip in place of the conventional magnetic strips
Business Environment
-The global nature of the Internet offers businesses access to customers and suppliers from around the
-E-commerce is one of the major reasons why business has “gone global”
The Impact of E-commerce on the Law
-E-commerce is responsible for the development of new legal principles in areas such as privacy and
consumer protection
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