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Chapter 8


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Marc Hurwitz

CHAPTER8CHAPTER8SOCIALINFLUENCESOCIALIZATIONANDORGANIZATIONALCULTUREORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE What Is Organizational Culture Organizational CultureThe shared beliefs values and assumptions that exist in an organization Culture represents a true way of life for organizational members who often take its influence for granted and becomes obvious when contrasted with that of other organizations or when it changesTends to be fairly stable over timeOnce culture is well established it can persist despite turnover among organizational members providing social continuityContent of a culture can involve matters that are internal to the organization or external internally culture may support innovation risk tasking etc while externally may support putting customer first Culture can have a strong impact on both organizational performance and member satisfaction Subculturessmaller cultures that develop within a larger organizational culture that are based on differences in training occupation or departmental goals The Strong Culture ConcenptStrong cultureAn organizational culture with intense and pervasive beliefs values and assumptions They are support by the majority of membersStrong cultures provide great consensus concerning what the organization is aboutwhat it stands for Doesnt have to be a large organization if its members agree strongly about certain beliefs values and assumptions a small organization can have a strong culture Hilti Canada CorpThe constructionequipment manufacturer in Mississauga Ont developed a cando attitude using Gung Ho as its mantra and a culture that emphasizes the importance of worthwhile work being in control of achieving your goals and celebrating others successes Our Culture Journey to ensure that all employees know what Hilti stands for and expectsTwoday culture journey which reintroduces them to the companys culture New recruit also have two days of culture training before they begin four weeks of product and sales training Boston pizzaIt has a culture of teamwork and fun that emphasizes PO fit over skills when hiring The company hires people who fit the culture or what they call the Boston Pizza fitA threepillar success strategy involves a commitment to franchise profitability building the brand and continually improving the guest experience Incentive programs reward franchises and their staff for delivering abovestandard quality 1
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