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BU288 Lecture 1516Ch 9 LeadershipTuesThurs Nov 68 2012LEADERSHIPLeadership influence that individuals exert on the goal achievement of others in an organizational contextleadership is about motivating people and gaining their commitment Strategic leadership a leaders ability to anticipate envision maintain flexibility think strategically and work with others to initiate changes that create a viable future for the organizationoProvides sustainable competitive advantage in turbulent and unpredictable environments by exploring growth opportunities Strategic leaders are Openhonest with stakeholders and focus on the future Theoretically any member can engage in leadership But in practice some are in a better position to be leaders than others ex managersleadership involves going beyond formal role requirements to influence othersInformal leadership roles dont have formal authority rely on being well liked or being highly skilled to exert influence Traits behaviours and situations are important but a leader needs followers Followers must first view the person as a leader then be motivated to follow that leader Hence leadership effectiveness is measured from the followers perspective Are Leaders Born The Search for Leadership TraitsTrait theory of leadership leadership depends on the personal qualities or traits of the leadersTraits individual characteristics such as physical attributes intellectual ability and personality Research shows thatoMany traits are not associated with whether people become leaders and how effective they are Thinking otherwise as most people do can result in racial bias and discrimination oBut some traits are associated with leadership Leaders tend to be higher on intelligence energy selfconfidence dominance motivation to lead emotional stability honestyintegrity and need for achievement than averageA highenergy person who wants to impact others but is also smart and stable enough not to abuse power oAll five of the Big Five dimensions of personality are related to leadership behaviours Extraversion and conscientiousness are the most consistent predictorsoThere is a link between intelligence and leadership but not as strong as people used to think oThe relationship between traits and leadership effectiveness is stronger for affectiverelational measures of effectiveness than for the performancerelated measuresoLimitation of the traits approachDifficult to determine whether traits make the leader or whether the opportunity for leadership produces the traitsdo dominant people become leaders or do leaders become dominantEven if dominance intelligence or tallness is associated with effective leadership what do these people do to be leaderswe have little info about how to train and develop leaders oMost crucial problem failure to take into account the situation in which leadership occurs oTraits alone are not enough for successful leadership Theyre only a precondition Possessing the right traits makes it more likely that certain actions will be taken and will be successfulLeader Categorization Theory and Racial BiasResearch shows there is a good chance of viewing white people as a leader than racial minoritiesLeadership categorization theory people are more likely to view someone as a leader and evaluate them as a more effective leader when they possess prototypical characteristics of leadershipA leadership prototype is a standard example or typical leader category that people develop over time based on a set of beliefs about the behaviours and characteristics of leadersThe Behaviour of Leaders 2 Basic KindsThe trait approach focuses on what leaders bring to a group setting The limitations of this approach promote an interest in what leaders do in group settings Study took place at Ohio State University1
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