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Chapter 2

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Heather Graham

Chapter 2 Risk Management Decision MakingSomeone who is risk neutral cares only about expected wealth and would not require a risk premium to accept riskDue to risk aversion most people are willing to pay insurance premiums in excess of their expected losses for insurance they are willing to pay a risk premium and most require additional compensation to induce them to accept riskThe increase in wealth if a loss occurs can be viewed as the benefit of insurance and the reduction in wealth if a loss does not occur can be viewed as the cost of insuranceIndividuals demand for insurance depends on 1 the premium loading 2 a persons income and wealth 3 an individuals information about expected losses relative to the insurers information 4 the availability of other sources of indemnity and 5 the nature of the losses monetarynonmonetaryPremium LoadingAlthough riskaverse people generally desire insurance the extent to which they will purchase insurance depends on the policys premium loadingThe premium on an insurance policyexpected claim costs plus w
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