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BU354 Chapter 6 - Recruitment Week 4 The Strategic Importance of Recruitment -Recruitment – the process of searching out and attracting qualified job applicants, which begins with the identification of a position that requires staffing and is completed when resumes or completed application forms are received from an adequate number of applicants -Authority for recruitment is generally delegated to HR staff members -Recruiters – a specialist in recruitment whose job is to find and attract capable candidates -Recruiters are becoming increasingly critical to achieving an organization’s strategic objectives as competition for the employees necessary for strategy implementation increases due to the growing talent shortage Employee Branding -Employee branding – the image or impression of an organization as an employer based on the benefits of being employed by the organization -Proactive employers are trying to obtain a competitive advantage in recruitment by establishing themselves as employers of choice through employer branding -Employer branding is particularly important during the recruitment process, not ust for applicants who are eventually hired but also for those not hired who are out in the marketplace communicating their experience as an applicant to other job seekers -Branding includes the experiences a candidate does through while interacting with a company throughout the recruitment process, including: -what candidates experience when they do to the company’s website -whether HR sends an acknowledgement letter or email thanking each candidate who sends in a resume -how candidates are greeted by the receptionist when they make the original contact by phone or in person -whether the HR person who interviews candidates is a good spokesperson who can articulate the organization’s value and culture -Employer branding involves 3 steps: 1. Define the target audience where to find them, and what they want from an employer 2. Develop the employee value proposition – the specific reason why the organization is a unique place to work and a more attractive employer for the target audience compared to other organizations 3. Communicate the brand by incorporating the value proposition into all recruitment efforts. An integrated marketing approach to internal and external communication should use various channels, such as television, radio, print, websites, social media, and so on The Recruitment Process 1. Job openings are identified through HR planning or manager request 2. The job requirements are determined 3. Appropriate recruiting source(s) and method(s) are chosen 4. A pool of qualified recruits is generated -A recruiter must be aware of constraints affecting the recruitment process to be successful in his or her job Developing and Using Application Forms -For most employers, completion of an application form is the last step in the recruitment process -An application form provides an efficient means of collecting verifiable historical data from each candidate in a standardized format; it usually includes information about education, prior work history, and other job-related skills -Many reasons for applications: BU354 Chapter 6 - Recruitment Week 4 -Candidate comparison is facilitated because information is collected in a uniform manner -The information that the company requires is specially requested, rather than what the candidate wants to reveal -Candidates are typically asked to complete an application form while on the company premises, and thus it is a sample of the candidate’s own work -Application forms typically ask the candidate to provide written authorization for reference checking -Candidates are asked to acknowledge that the information provided is true and accurate -Many application forms today have an optional section regarding designated group member status -Biological information blank (BIB) – a detailed job application form requesting biographical data found to be predictive of success on the job, pertaining to background, experiences, and preferences. Responses are scored -The development of a BIB requires that the items that are valid predictors of job success be identified and that scores be established for different responses to these items -Online applications significantly reduce the risk of lost applications, increase the exposure level of the job ad, and can reduce the likelihood of biases associated with other forms of face-to-face recruitment -Online application forms can result in a large number of applicants (Ex. Google receives 3000 a day), therefore putting pressure on staff to manage the high volume of applicants -HRIS can be extremely useful here in automatically coding and storing applications, allowing HR professionals to search through the applications using specified search functions Recruiting from Within the Organization -Current employees are generally the largest source of recruits -Employees see that competence is rewarded, thus enhancing their commitment, morale, and performance -Having already been inside the firm for some time, insiders may be more committed to the company’s goals and less likely to leave -Inside candidates require less orientation than outsiders do -However, employees who apply for jobs and don’t get them may become discontented -Managers may be required to post all job openings and interview all inside candidates, even when they already know whom they want to hire, thus wasting considerable time and creating false hope -Employees may be less satisfied with and accepting of a boss appointed from within their own ranks than they would with a newcomer Internal Recruitment Methods Job Posting -Job posting – the process of notifying current employees about vacant positions -Most companies now use computerized job-posting systems where information about job vacancies can be found on the company’s intranet Human Resources Records -Often consulted to ensure that qualified individuals are notified, in person, of vacant positions Skills Inventories -Such inventories ensures that qualified internal candidates are identified and considered for transfer or promotion when opportunities arise BU354 Chapter 6 - Recruitment Week 4 Limitations of Recruiting from Within -It is rarely possible to fill all non-entry-level jobs with current employees -Even in firms with a policy promoting from within, potential external candidates are increasingly being considered to meet strategic objectives -Hiring someone from outside may be preferable in order to acquire the latest knowledge and expertise or to gain new ideas and revitalize the department or organization Recruiting from Outside the Organization -A replacement from outside must eventually be found to fill the job left vacant once all eligible employees have been given the opportunity for transfer or promotion -Advantages include: -the generation of a larger pool of qualified candidates -the availability of a more diverse applicant pool -the acquisition of skills or knowledge not currently available within the organization or the introduction of new ideas and creative problem-solving techniques -the elimination of rivalry and competition caused by employees jockeying for transfers and promotions, which can hinder interpersonal and interdepartmental cooperation -the potential cost savings resulting from hiring individuals who already have the required skills, rather than providing extensive training Planning External Recruitment -The type of job to be filled has a major impact on the recruitment method selected -Most firms normally rely on professional search firms for recruiting executive level employees -Internet advertising is commonly used for recruiting other salaried employees -Yield ratios – the percentage of applicants that proceed to the next stage of the selection process 50 New hires 100 Offers made (100:50 = 2:1) 150 Candidates interviewed (150:100 = 3:2) 200 Candidates invited (200:150 = 4:3) 1200 Leads generated (1200:200 = 6:1) -The average number of days from when the company initiates a recruitment method to when the successful candidate begins to work is called time-lapse data -Calculating time-lapse data for each recruitment method means that the amount of lead time available can be taken into account when deciding which strategy or strategies would be most appropriate External Recruitment Methods Employee Referrals -Some organizations encourage applications from friends and relatives of current employees by mounting an employee referral campaign -Openings are announced in the companies intranet along with a request for referrals -Cash awards or prizes may be offered for referrals that culminate in a new fire -Because no advertising or agency fees are involved, paying bonuses still represents a low recruiting cost -Nepotism – a preference for hiring relatives of current employees -This method may result in systematic discrimination Former Employees -Some organizations are making efforts to keep in touch with former employees who may be interested in rejoining the organization in the future BU354 Chapter 6 - Recruitment Week 4 Educational Institutions -Recruiting at educational institutions is extremely effective when candidates require formal training but need relatively little full-time work experience -Ex. High schools for blue-collar jobs -Most high schools, colleges, and universities have counselling centres that provide job-search assistance to students through such activities as skills assessment testing and workshops on resume preparation and interview strategies -Sometimes they arrange for on-site job fairs -Cooperative education and field placement programs have become inc
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