BU398 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Chaos Theory, Organizational Chart, Human Resources

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30 Jan 2013

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Monday, January 21, 2013
Chapter 1: Organizations and Organizational Theory
Current Challenges
Ethics and social responsibility
Speed of responsiveness
The digital workplace
What is Organization?
Organizations: social entities that are goal directed, designed as deliberately
structured and coordinated activity systems, and linked to the external
Organizations exist to so the following:
1. bring together resources to achieve desires goals and outcomes
2. produce goods and services efficiently
3. facilitate innovation
4. use modern manufacturing and information technologies
5. adapt to and influence a changing environment
6. create value for owners, customers, and employees
7. accommodate outgoing challenges of diversity, ethics, and the motivation
and coordination of employees
Perspectives on Organizations
Open Systems
closed system: autonomous, does not depend on the environment, sealed off
from the outside
not possible to have a fully closed system, that is completely stable and
predictable with no problems caused by the outside
open system: one that interacts with the outside world to survive, consumes
resources and exports resources to the environment
can not seal itself off, continuously adapting, uncertain, always anticipating
changes and finding ways to stay competitive by dealing with them
system: set of interacting elements that acquires inputs from the
environment, transforms them, and discharges outputs to the external
changes outputs into things of value
subsystems: parts of the organization that perform the specific functions
required for organizational survival
Organizational Configuration
an organization with 5 parts, that needs all of these in order to survive
these parts are interrelated and work together, each part needs the other to
Five parts:
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