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Ch11 - Innovation and Change

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Joel Marcus

Chapter 11 Innovation and ChangeInnovate or Perish The Strategic Role of ChangeIncremental vs Radical ChangeIncremental Change represents a series of continual progressions that maintain the organizations general equilibrium and often affect only one organizational partRadical Change breaks the frame of reference for the organization often transforming the entire organization Strategic Types of ChangeProduct and Service Changes pertain to the product or service outputs of an organization small adaptations of existing products or entirely new product lines Designed to increase market share or develop new markets customers or clientsStrategy and Structure Changes pertain to the administrative domain supervision and management in an organization Changes can include organizational structure strategic management policies reward systems labour relations coordination devices management information and control systems and budgeting systemsCulture Changes refer to changes in the values attitudes expectations beliefs abilities and behaviour of employees Changes in mindsetTechnology Changes are changes in an organizations production process including its knowledge and skill base that enable distinctive competenciesElements for Successful ChangeOrganizational Change is considered the adoption of a new idea or behaviour by an organization Organizational Innovation is the adoption of an idea or behaviour that is new to the organizations industry market or general environment Organization members first become aware of a possible innovation evaluate
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