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LECTURE 1 ORGANIZATIONS AND ORGANIZATIONAL THEORY Chapter OneCurrent Challenges 1 Globalization to contact out some functions to organizations in other countries or to partner with foreign organizations to gain global advantage 2 Ethics and Social Responsibility with the involvement of executives and major corporate involved financial and ethical scandals continues to grow 3 Speed of Responsiveness respond quickly and decisively to environmental changes organizational crises or shifting customers expectations 4 The Digital Workplace trend towards disintermediationeliminating the middle person also managing a web of relationships that reaches beyond the boundaries of the physical organization building flexible elink5 Diversity challenges of maintaining strong organization culture while supporting diversity balancing work and family concerns and coping with the conflict brought about by varying culture styles Organizational Definition 1 Social entities that are 2 goal directed 3 designed as deliberately structured and coordinated activity systems and 4 linked to the external environment Not just building or a set of policies and procedures organizations comprise people and their relationships with one another to perform essential functions that help attain goalsan organization exist when people interact with one another to perform essential functions that help attain goalsTypes of Organization nonprofit vs profit managing their efforts and activities to earn money vs towards social impact major problem to securing a steady stream of fundsmust focus on keeping organizational costs low and highmeasurement of intangible goalsOrganizations exist to do the following 1 Bring together resources to achieve desired goals and outcomes 2 Produce goods and services efficiently 3 Facilitate innovation4 Use modern manufacturing and information technologies 5 Adapt to and influence a changing environment 6 Create value for owners customers and employees7 Accommodate ongoing challenges of diversity ethics and the motivation and coordination of employeesInnovative ways to produce and distribute desirable goods and services more efficiently ebusiness and the use of computerbased manufacturing technologies Perspectives on OrganizationClosed Systems not depend on its environment it would be autonomous enclosed and sealed off from the outside world
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