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BU415Chapter 1Setting the Stage Technology and the Modern EnterpriseWeek 1Techs Tectonic Shift Radically Changing Business LandscapesBillions in advertising dollars flee old media and are pouring into digital efforts and this shift is reshaping industries and redefining skills needed to reach todays consumersMoores Law and other factors that make technology faster and cheaper have thrust computing and telecommunications into the hands of billions in ways that are both empowering the poor and poisoning the planet The service and ethics bar for todays manager has never been higherThe way we conceive of software and the software industry is rapidly changing Today open source software powers most of the web sites you visit The rise of open source has rewritten the revenue models for the computing industry and lowered computing costs for startups to blue chips worldwide Cloud computing and software as a service are turning sophisticated highpowered computing into a utility available to even the smallest businesses and nonprofits Many organizations today collect and seek insights from massive datasets which are often referred to as Big DataThe pervasiveness of computing has created a set of security and espionage threats unimaginable to the prior generation Tech creates both treasure and tumult New technologies have fueled globalizationIts Your RevolutionMany of the worlds most successful technology firms were created by young people Ex Bill Gates Michael Dell Mark Zuckerberg Steve JobsWere in a golden age of tech
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