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BU415Information Systems DefinedWeek 1IntroductionWith IT spending on the rise there is little doubt that being able to wring value from these investments is critical for the modern organization Information Systems DefinitionIS not ITIT and IS are separate systems Ex IS allows a firm to take orders track payments and organize activities around a farm while IT keeps track of data for the firms proper operations and longevity Information Systems as Sociotechnical SystemsInformation systems are formal sociotechnical organizational systems designed to collect process store and distribute information Sociotechnical theory questioned the overly optimistic predictions about the potential benefits of new technology and suggested that the impact of new technologies on work systems was not a direct one but depended on the interplay of technology with other aspects or components of the work system The four components of an ITbased information system are IT people process and structure These four components can be grouped into two subsystems the technical subsystem and the social subsystem The technical subsystem is composed of technology and processes and is the portion of the information system that does not include human elements The social subsystem is composed of people and people in relation to one another structure and it represents the human elements of IS Information TechnologyDefined as hardware software and telecommunication equipment Cornerstone of any modern IS Enables and constrains actions through rules of operation that stem from its design Software design is driven in large part by the choices and opinions of the developers and programmers who create it Software represents the developers viewpoint on how the data should be represented organized and manipulated Ex The system wont allow me to do thatProcessSeries of steps necessary to complete a business activity A gap can exist between the official business process and the informal ways in which the processes are actually performed PeopleThose individuals or groups directly involved in the information system These individuals have their own skill set attitudes preconceptions and personal agendasStructureRefers to the organizational design hierarchy decentralized loose coupling reporting functional divisional matrix and relationships communication and reward mechanisms within the information system Systemic EffectsAll four components are necessary to ensure that the IS is successful and delivers the functionality it was intended to provide
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