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Chapter 2

BU472 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: High Holy Days, Business Casual, Sales Promotion

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Sanam Akhavvanabad

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Instruction to Case No.2:
Please find two ads (e.g. TV ads, Print Ads, Publicity article, Facebook Ads, PR video, Sales promotion) for the brand that
your professor has given to you (see the attached excel file (MyLS >> Content >> Case 2)). Then, please fill the following
table accordingly and submit your response before March 13, 1 P.M on MyLS >> Dropbox >> Case 2.
Due Date: March 13, 2017 1 P.M.
Student ID: 130616340
Name: Isaak Wong
Please indicate the name of the brand that you are analyzing. Banana Republic
Please indicate the product category. Men’s Clothing
Please do not forget to copy the links of the ads or upload the files of the two ads that you are analysing in
Dropbox >> Case 2
Link to Ad No.1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jomUP5uj9-A (video)
Link to Ad No.2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-h0NZsh8T4 (video) &
http://www.thefashionisto.com/banana-republic-2016-holiday-campaign/ (images)
Please identify the following concepts based on your analysis and briefly justify your decision when it is
***. Please be advised that critical analysis of the ads will receive bonus mark.
What are the negative aspects of these two communication tools?
If you were the responsible advertiser, what would you do?
Ad No. 1 YouTube Video (Banana Republic x
Kevin Love: Style in Motion Campaign)
Ad No.2 YouTube Video and
Photography (Holiday ’16 Campaign:
Make It Matter)
Target Audience
Working males, aged 22-40, who like to
dress business casual
Also, targeted towards males who play
basketball and dress formally, as the
clothing line is in collaboration with NBA
athlete Kevin Love
Values looking professional while
Seeks durable, stylish clothing for higher
price tag
Young, trendy males/females, aged
22-45 who dress up during holiday
Likes pets and going to parties
Seeks fashionable clothing, with
seasonal tones and colours (e.g.
white, black, beige, tan)
Level of Consumer
High consumer involvement as the
consumer has the standard learning model
Attentively seeks durable products within
the men’s fashion industry
Consumer’s exposure to ads with their high
involvement can lead to purchasing
High consumer involvement as the
consumer has the standard learning
Like the “Style in Motion” ad, this
holiday campaign is targeted towards
consumers who want to look and feel
good through clothing
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