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Chapter 11

BU481 Chapter 11: BU481 Chapter 11

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Karin Schnarr

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Implementing Strategy: Guidelines & Action
4 Guidelines for actions:
1. Priority objectives
a. Want to accomplish first
2. Priority actions
a. Indicate priority targets and the first action steps you will take with each
3. Leadership style
a. Establishes how you are going to manage the change process
4. Pace
a. Determines how rapidly you should proceed
Action Priorities
1. Whose behaviour do you want to change?
2. How are you going to change it?
- The answers to these to questions make up your action priorities
Priority Targets
- Identify the individuals/groups that will be most involved in or affected by the anticipated
changes and assessed their commitment and capability for change
- All of these people will be involved in the change process but the question is who do you
start with? These people are the priority targets
- To decide who to focus on, need to integrate other starting conditions into analysis
o Urgency for action and power position relative to the potential targets
- Change Agents
o People who believe change is necessary and propose the change
o Have skills and capabilities to help bring about change
o Competent and committed managers who are potential allies in the change process
- Change Agents in Waiting
o People who want the change to be successful but do’t have skills to help uch
o Decide whether these individuals are priority targets based on how much time you
have to make and implement the change
- Bystanders
o People who will wait and see how the change fares before committing to it
o Lack energy to get involved and wish to avoid risk that comes with involvement
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