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WLUBU127James MooreFall

BU127 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Deferred Income, Financial Statement, Trial Balance

OC250712210 Page
Managers are responsible for preparing financial statements which is useful to creditors an. Close revenues, gains, expenses, and losses to retained ea
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WLUBU127Xuefeng LiuWinter

BU 127 Chapter 1-4: Midterm 1 Notes.docx

OC944109 Page
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WLUBU288N/ AFall

BU288 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Formal System, Groupthink, Reaction Formation

OC1599270 Page
Motivation: the extent to which persistent effort is directed toward a goal. Effort - strength of the person"s work-related behavior or amount of effor
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WLUBU354N/ AFall

HR Final Exam Chapter Notes - 1,2,4-8,10,12-17

OC1599253 Page
Chapter 1 the strategic role of human resources management. Human capital - the knowledge, education, training, skills, and expertise of an organizatio
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WLUBU111Sofy CarayannopoulosFall

BU111 Chapter Notes -Celts

OC594382 Page
As you have requested, i have taken a look at the current problem at hand that studio celtia" faces. It is in your best interest to allow the productio
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WLUBU127David YoungFall

BU 127 Chapter 1-9: BU 127 Notes.pdf

OC38473434 Page
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WLUBU387Leigh SherryFall

BU387 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-6: Consignee, Retained Earnings, Free Cash Flow

OC2398030 Page
Accounting is best defined by its 3 characteristics: (1) identification, measurement, and communication of financial information (2) about economic ent
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WLUBU111Sofy CarayannopoulosFall

BU111 Chapter Notes -Handsfree

OC1907269 Page
The best hardware option for get there software. You have identified and came up with a great solution to a key problem in today"s society, however imp
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WLUBU457Bixia XuSummer

Financial Accounting Theory - Chapter 1-11 Textbook Notes

OC19667641 Page
Value-in-use discounted present value of future cash flows. Fair value (exit price/opportunity cost) amount that would be received or paid should the f
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WLUBU111Brandon Van DamSummer

BU 111 Chapter Lab 4: Bar Top Report

OC8583282 Page
Subject: high technology bar top- market entry decision. Recommendation: ally with a club owner and open his own club. Jonathan"s immediate problem is
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WLUBU283William Mc NallyFall

BU283 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Capital Asset Pricing Model, Dividend Yield, Initial Public Offering

OC1436536 Page
Bu283 chapter 8: share valuation and market efficiency. Shares (stocks): securities that represent ownership in an incorporated company. Represent equi
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WLUBU111Sofy CarayannopoulosFall

Lab 4 BU111.docx

OC594381 Page
Business writing if characterized by brief, precise communication that quickly gets to the important points. Heading and bullet points are used to allo
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