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Chapter 10

CH110 Chapter 10: CH 110 - Chemical Bonding II Summary

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Louise Dawe

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'Bond Agtei is Jhq- \* kilr€o^ tuo 6\ra\en+ bor.ds
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- ^ drn be \one- ec bdr{d\rh F}ins o( eeAn
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Cctet, uer a CoJb,e or M?v. bond
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dEfuib./ho".u q6"ur a cg"h,al C$io"^ of t{*_ e\€chroc\
.Pa\rS \n rts llo\ecce She\. X t\nAI {fiffir1
. Hoteco\or Ceocnerq'. (e$ers to tne qlemdR- Sroe, or q
tno\e&,e cc o.. pHo*om'c \on. \n uG efda tlrr.e all
geChrbn Pci\,6 ar{. bond F\o., +W rr:p1teq;le ctrc)
U ry t*nerj Q.c tha- 'fu,me. if final" €XAtrl
' A = &ntcut A{o* . [ = (qt" pair:s op electrcrs
. ( = tennar N&n I
0' ?qD = lineqr ( t?ro') :
' Thcte = dAqonol - D\qyo- t \Lo' )
. fi)ur = .tuil^hed..\ (AA. s .)
:-Y; ffif,!\Pv*ffi (qo'ancr \2o') .'5.*
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