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Chapter 2

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James Gerlach

WaterMost abundant substance in living systemProperties of waterMP and BP are high because of attrctions between adjacent water molecules Heat capcity is generally extrememly highLatent heats of fusion and vaporizationousually highoice for cooling steam for heatingHBs account for high mp bp and hvap of water because much thermal energy is needed to break sufficient portion of HBsoDuring melting and evaporating hydrolysis entropy increases These occurs spontaneously because the HBs are outweighed by the energetic push to randomnessFree energy delta G must be negative to occur randomlyUniversal solventdHighest surface tension except for mercurySolid phaseoexpands at is cools at 4 degrees C oBecomes less dense at 0 degreesoHighly ordered arrangement of molecules in a crystal lattice structureHydrogen Bonding gives water its unusual propertiesStructure of waterDipolar natureOxygen is more EN so pulls the shared es closer to itselfhas a bond angle between the two hydrogens attached in the rough tetrahedron structure of 1049 The distance of each hydrogen to the carbon is equal in magnitudeotetrahedral allows to form HBs with up to 4 neighboursin liquid water due to the disorder and continuous motion of the molecules each molecule only forms HBs with an average of 34 other molecules
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