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Chapter 13

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James Gerlach

Glycolysisglucose oA central position in metabolismoRelatively rich in potential energy and is therefore a good source of fuelComplete oxidation to water and carbon dioxide proceeds with a standard free energy change of 2840 kJmoloVersitile precursor that is capable of supplying a huge array of metabolic intermediated for biosynthetic reactionsSupplies the carbon backbone of many importantintermediates such as amino acids nucleotides etc oPhotosynthetic organisms make glucose by reducing atmospheric CO2 to trioses and then converting those trioses to glucoseoMajor pathways of glucose utilixationGlycogen starch sucroseECM and cell wall polysaccharidesPyruvateRibose5phosphateEduard BuchneroDiscovered fermentation through yeastGlycolysisosugar splittingomolecule of glucose is degraded into two molecules of pyruvate a 3 carbon compound through a serious of enzyme catalyzed reactionsSome of the energy released from the glucose is consvered in the form of ATP and NADHoAlmost universal central pathway of glucosethe pathway with the largest flux in of carbon in cellsThe pathway differs in some organisms in the metabolic regulation and the metabolic fate of pyruvateoSole source of metabolic energy in some animals and plantsPlant tissues that are modified for storage of starch or aquatic plants derive most of their energy from glycolysisoThe phases of glycolysis1 Preparatory phasethe energy investment phase steps 15 the phosphorylation phases1 Glucose is phosphorylated by hexokinase to glucose6phosphate2 Dglucose6phosphate is converted to Dfructose6phosphate by an phosphohexose isomeraseoIsomerases cause conformational changes3 Dfructose6phosphate is phosphorylated to frustose16bisphosphate by a fructokinase
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